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Why Smile?

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Thailand has been called the Land of Smiles, and it doesn't take long to see why. There is a tremendous warmth and openness about the Thai people that is incredibly refreshing. A spiritual place, Thailand is rich in culture, a sheer delight to visit.
There many sights, smells and tastes to be experienced in Thailand. The beautiful countryside, the many colourful Temples, exotic animals, the beaches, the long tail-boats, and the city, all make lasting impressions. But it is the faces and the joy of the Thai people that will move you most; they will be etched indelibly into your memory when you have chance to visit.
Thailand is a country of scenic diversity and ancient traditions, of tranquil temples and modern urban excitement. With and independent history going back more than seven centuries, it has managed to absorb a variety of cultural influences and blend them into something uniquely and memorably Thai.
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