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Integrative Energy Healing

Integrative Energy Healing
Integrative Energy Healing with Marija Djordjevic
60min   $90

An IEH practitioner teaches awareness techniques designed to sustain health and deepen healing connection. Individuals facing major health challenges, including chronic conditions, can benefit from a personalized program of deep, transformative healing.

After discussing client goal for the session, the practitioner places his/her hands directly above the client's body and moves through the Human Energy Field in order to identify areas of energetic imbalance. Based upon this energy assessment, the practitioner uses treatment techniques to shift the field into a more balanced state.

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Our beliefs are:

Health is more than the absence of disease.

Health is affected by physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual factors. Empowerment and balance in these area helps individuals achieve their full potential.

All people have the ability to facilitate healing through compassionate intent and that energy based healing can be integrated with other forms of health care.

Our mission is:

To provide compassionate care to those in need for healing.

To foster the practice of self-care, honoring, respecting and healing oneself.

To guide and inspire individuals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Our commitment to both the individuals seeking further education and the communities, where we assist in the training, promotion and development of energy based healing.

Our Thai services are not covered by extended health insurance

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and subject to 5% sales tax (GST).