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Vancouver Spa Gift Certificates

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After payment, your Gift Certificate will be emailed to you instantly.

You can print it out or e-mail it to your loved one, friends or family.
Bring it along on your appointment and enjoy your treatment.

You are also welcome to visit us in person to purchase the Gift Certificate at our Wellness Centre in downtown Vancouver.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and subject to 5% sales tax (GST).

Sample Gift Certificate Shown Above

Massage for One
Thai Massage (60 Minute)$90.00
Thai Massage (90 Minute)$120.00
Thai Massage (2 hours)$160.00
East meets West (90 mins)$140.00
East meets West (2 hours)$175.00
Foot Reflexology (60 minutes)$80.00
Foot Reflexology (90 minutes)$110.00
Back/Neck/Shoulder (45 mins)$70.00

Couples Massage
Thai Massage (60 minute)$180.00
Thai Massage (90 minute)$240.00
Thai Massage (2 hours)$320.00
East meets West (90 mins)$280.00
East meets West (2 hours)$350.00
Jasmine Signature$420.00
Lily Signature$440.00
Lotus Signature$550.00
Orchid Signature$650.00

Signature Treatments
Jasmine Signature (2.5 hours)$210.00
Lily Signature (2.5 hours)$220.00
Lotus Signature (3 hours)$275.00
Orchid Signature (3.5 hours)$325.00

Smile Voucher
Amount of $50$50.00
Amount of $100$100.00
Amount of $125$125.00
Amount of $150$150.00
Amount of $200$200.00
Amount of $250$250.00
Amount of $300$300.00
Amount of $500$500.00

By Request Only
Please use only when instructed
Usually for group bookings

Sample Certificate
See what our Gift Certificates look like and how online payment and delivery works. Preview before buying with confidence. It has no value and just costs 3 cents to try!$0.03

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